Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

This guide is for low-level students writing their first TOEFL independent essays. Advanced students may decide to skip straight to our advanced guide.

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(note, students in a rush might wish to skip straight to our TOEFL essay templates)

Begin by making a plan of the essay. Consider the picture below:

The student starts by writing a “main point” at the top the chart. This might be her “answer” into the question posed by the exam.

Underneath the main point the student writes two “reasons” to guide the main point. They are broad and never too specific. However, they must be unique. The reasons shouldn’t be comparable to each other.

Below each of the reasons, the student writes two “details.” they are more specific. 続きを読む

get ready for the test with this TestPrep-Online comprehensive ACCUPLACER English training pack.

get ready for the test with this TestPrep-Online comprehensive ACCUPLACER English training pack.

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The ACCUPLACER English Essay: What You Should Understand

The ACCUPLACER Writing Test, or WritePlacer Test, evaluates skills that are writing as focus associated with the text, syntax, and company. The reason for the ACCUPLACER Writing Test would be to determine just how well students can form an argument, utilizing evidence-based help since well because the appropriate technical conventions. 続きを読む

Principal Kinds of Negative Behaviors in Relationships

Principal Kinds of Negative Behaviors in Relationships

Every so often, individuals doubt their emotions and current relationships. And also this is very normal. Nonetheless, the relative line between ideas therefore the need to get rid of a relationship can be discreet. So, usually we just don’t notice the flags that are red inform us in regards to the significance of a breakup.

Think of somebody who doesn’t think you deserve more, doesn’t prefer to appear to you in public places, and simply does not see future to you. Does notthis appear to be the worst nightmare? Please be aware it is normal to evaluate an individual by his / her bad deeds as well as other immoral things. Therefore, don’t waste your own time. Healthier relationships in a couple of are designed mainly on Respect and love for every single other. This set of negative habits was put together with good intentions. When your selected a person is a similar we explain it, then serious ties and forget! You shall soon recognize that such actions deserve only ignoring!

Forms of negative actions

1. Critique

Your lover constantly criticizes you, the way you look, types of dressing, behavior, and views, stresses shortcomings, searches for mistakes, depreciates your thoughts, hopes, plans, achievements, humiliates, comparing with other people, thus killing your self-esteem: “What could you do without me personally?” Such people search for probably the most spots that are vulnerable press in it. And then make you are feeling bad along with your own imperfection.

2. Accusation

Such people accuse you of every thing: their dilemmas, problems, and negative emotions. “You don’t realize me personally and don’t support!”, “All this could be because of you”, “It is your fault!” In reality, you don’t discern their mood and desires. They punish you for “disobedience”, resistance for their control or “bad” behavior. In this instance, “bad behavior” are every thing which they don’t like. You constantly feel accountable and apologize endlessly. You haven’t any right to question their terms and behavior, be dissatisfied with one thing, be crazy, and demand something. 続きを読む